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    YOUR FREE Virtual Personnel Office

    This is an example of a Virtual Personnel Office for a potential employer of one or more caregivers. This would include such employers as:

    1. Individuals needing help with care, education and/or employment
    2. Family/friends of people needing help
    3. Residential Group Homes - Corporate
    4. Residential Group Homes - Independent
    5. Home Health Agencies- Corporate
    6. Home Health Agencies - Independent
    7. Assisted living facilities -Corporate
    8. Assisted living facilities - Independent
    9. Nursing Homes -Corporate
    10. Nursing Homes - Independent
    11. Governmental agencies
    12. 12. Hospital and other health care facilities

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    Requirements For Hiring New Employees

    Needed PaperworkMan covered in papers

    1) Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9

    This is a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services form. It is used by an employer to verify an employee's identity and to establish that the worker is eligible to accept employment in the United States.

    Download I9 Form HERE

    2) Caregiver Employment Application

    Download Sample Caregiver Employment Application Form HERE

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      HospitalInformation About This Facility/HomeInternet House

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        HandsInformation About This Facilities Patients, Residents, Clients, etcMan on crutches

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          Basic Training & Continuing Education For Caregivers

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            Tools To Help Manage Facilities

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              Tools To Help Manage Residents/Patients/Clients

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