What Is a Virtual Personnel Office?

Your FREE virtual personnel office is a replication of many of the services that your actual personnel office provides but on a CLOUD Infrastructure to minimize the traffic flow and congestion in your actual personnel office while improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of your actual hiring process.

Below is a list of several of but not all of the Features of our system which is being enhanced constantly and we hope to work with you to design your office exactly the way you would like.

Full Video Conference Capabilities

The logistics involved in repeatedly setting up something like Skype conferences are simply overwhelming! Our system has a localized and specialized system that is embedded inside of your office and it provides a simple point and click connection that can be established immediately between two or as many as six individuals at a time!

Look and Feel for Your Site

Our intake process involves collecting any logos, color pallets, text fonts, etc. to ensure that your virtual office has the same look and feel of your regular personnel office but without the congestion and chaos. Our hope is that we can demonstrate the value of this “Virtual Office” and show how the support of Caregiver Technologies can greatly improve this generally “Clumsy and Expensive” process.

Lower Your The Cost Of Hiring & Orientation

Use this personnel office to orient & train everyone to hit the ground running!  Teach precedures, process, regulations etc. VIRTUALLY


Presentation of Vital Documents

This will be a safe and secure environment with which to Archive, Display and Distribute important documents such as Employment Applications, Job Openings, Staff Handbooks, Fundamentals for Caregivers, etc. to minimize the expense and maximize the effectiveness of these critical documents that are the foundation of your operation.

Shorten the Time and Raise the Effectiveness of the Hiring Process

As people move through our Caregiver and Personal Care Assistant (PCA) training programs your virtual personnel office will be a perfect landing page for your operation and allow our best graduates to be steered directly to the most appropriate jobs. Your organization will receive priority to make the connection with our most successful graduates!

Bringing Education and Management Together

Direct Interface With Our Extensive Basic Training, Continuing Educational Units (CEU) and other training programs on a 24/7 – 365 basis! These training programs can be delivered under our logo or we can regenerate everything to look as though it came specifically from your organization.

Expand the Reach of Your Recruitment Efforts

It is hard to imagine spending less effort and resources to continuously generate new candidates for employment while actually doing “A Better Job” at this never-ending requirement for finding and training staff for organizations like yours.   Our objective is to continuously provide these various virtual personnel offices with a continuous stream of people coming to our caregiver school! We would appreciate any sharing of your current recruitment efforts and recommendations for any other ideas you may have to help us grow this workforce as fast as we can, given the exploding needs of the baby boomer generation becoming seniors!