This volume is designed to provide extensive information about the dramatic climate change we are all witnessing across this country and the world.This includes material about what we can and should be doing as individuals who are safeguarding our collective future. This volume has critical information about both excessive heat and cold episodes in a whole spectrum of additional emergencies including Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Flooding & Landslides etc.

Learning Objectives

1.Learn the dramatic effects that Climate Change is causing around the world.

2.Recognize is our world adapting and our life-changing because of climate change.

3.Prepare yourself for both Extreme Heat and Extreme Cold episodes in the future.

4.Ready yourself for a variety of potential natural emergencies in your local area.

5.Educate yourself on the variety of associated threats related to excessive heat exposure.

6.Prepare a plan for yourself and your family related to such natural emergencies As Earthquakes, Tornadoes, hurricanes etc.