Caregiver Training

This class covers the basics of personal hygiene from the perspective of a caregiver. A variety of different issues are covered including dental care, dressing, personal cleanliness, bathing, shampooing, etc. Also provided are tips to encourage self-care.

This new class includes wide-ranging material associated with creating and maintaining a healthy and energy efficient facility for long-term care. Indoor air quality is highlighted as well as energy conservation, recycling, and reuse. Special information is included on protecting children and other special populations. 

This class covers the fundamentals of caregiving including regulatory issues, employment related information, hiring and processing new employees, managing personnel problems, etc. and more. This class also includes a sample employee handbook.

This important class covers the many diverse issues associated with effective body mechanics used by caregivers. This includes special information on preventing back injuries. Guidelines are included covering body mechanics fundamentals associated with various situations found in long term care environments.

This class covers the many issues associated with abuse, neglect and exploitation. The primary focus is on adult and elder abuse. The class is designed for caregivers, family members, employers and others interested in providing a safe and secure quality of life for special needs individuals

This class covers the issues associated with bowel and bladder problems in the population generally, and in the elder care population specifically. This includes information on incontinence and urinary tract infections often found in patients/residents of long-term care facilities. Specific information targeted at women is also included.